Detoxification and Dieting: All the Same?

Some of us thought that being involved in those detoxification programs or simply having a detox plan to be used at least twice a year is also a good way of having a clean diet. Thus, we often get into the system of those detoxification stuffs like drinking fresh juices consistently, avoiding meat, rice and other starchy foods while going positive into those real organic foods. There is totally nothing wrong with any of these as long as you get to know where your detoxification program gets you. To make things clearer, it would be best if you can differentiate on when you do need those detoxification and when you may be able to say that you are into a dieting program.

having a clean dietDetoxification is plainly being able to get rid of those toxins inside your body. Toxins cannot only get into your system by what you eat. Many other toxins are coming into your system through air inhalation, skin contacts and any means that those unwanted chemicals are allowed to get inside your body. Thus, detoxification is not just limited in drinking those detox juices or medicines but can also be done by sweating those toxins all out from your body. Juice dieting can be just one of the many ways you can detoxify but there is no need for you to limit yourself on that.

Dieting on the other hand is confined to the thought of thinking wisely on what you solely eat. You can may already be having a clean diet if you opt to eat in moderate and make major consumption on fruits and vegetables while those proteins, sugars, carbohydrates and fatty foods just come light. Always remember that having a clean diet is not just a one-time event but should be a habit from day to day.


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